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“My wife and I are so appreciative to have found Dr. Debi for marriage help. We had been going on an off for years with many different therapists and techniques. Nothing compares to the approach that Dr. Debi provided. I had always found it hard after previous therapy sessions to remember the guidance. It seemed so complex and elusive to embrace. Dr. Debi gave us direct and instantly useful advice. She laid an impressionable foundation that helped me see how much love my wife and I had for each other in a way that was consistent and tangible. She taught us to recognize the critical moments that caused caused us so much pain. Thanks to Dr. Debi we now have “tools” to battle the rampant miscommunication that had plagued our relationship. I will be forever grateful.”


“I thank God for leading us to you and your sincere, knowledgeable and anointed spirit and teaching! From you, we’ve each learned a lot about each other, about communication, and in better understanding each others’ emotions. More importantly, I believe your teaching (and your “person”) has been instrumental in each of us strengthening our relationships with God (most importantly, my Husband’s). We cannot be thankful enough for you saving our marriage (would seem almost impossible to most), and also to restoring it to much better than before the separation! We love you.”

Jackson & Chalaun

“My wife and I saw Dr. Debi after being married for 23 years and she brought us back from a place where, in my opinion divorce was inevitable, to a loving, caring, more understanding relationship. I’ve since learned how to communicate better, be more patient, and realize that the two different backgrounds we both were raised from has a huge impact on how we deal with things today. Dr. Debi is amazing how she’s able to translate what a man is trying to say/tell his wife and have it make sense. She has an extraordinary insight on men and how they speak and what they need in a relationship. After seeing Dr. Debi I feel much closer to my wife and realize she’s the most important thing I have in my life, and I will protect her to my last breath. Thanks again Dr. Debi.”


“Dr. Debi is amazing! She is caring, understanding and highly educated. She has been given a gift of being able to understand men and provide tools for them to communicate their thoughts & feelings in a way that women can understand. It’s remarkable. She is objective and wants your marriage to be successful, she wants you to be madly in love and she is able to provide the tools to get you there. She was able to bring us back from honestly what both my husband and I thought was an inevitable divorce. We are truly happier and more in love than we have ever been in our 23 year marriage. We are so very thankful for Dr. Debi – she is a gift from God. We are enjoying our marriage! And we are thinking of you with full gratitude. Thank you so much, Dr. Debi.”


“Dr. Debi helped me see that I had expectations for my husband based on my own expectations for myself. I expected my husband, who is mentally wired differently, raised differently, processes differently, communicates differently and is even biologically built differently, to act like me, a female. Once I was able to realize those differences, I was able to listen and learn what HE needed from me instead of what I thought he needed. This new outlook opened up new conversations which have led to a level of depth that neither of us knew existed. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Debi for showing us the tools we need to love each other, respect each other, and take care of each other in the way that Christ intended us to.”

Gary & Katie

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Dr. Debi Smith, PsyD

Writer. Educator. Encourager.

JUST SO YOU KNOW, I love what I do.

That's why I'm here to help! As a mother of three sons, I developed intense interest in and a unique expertise in the Psychology of Men. I worked with men, women, couples, and families in Orange, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties in California for 25 years before closing my Clinical Psychology Practice in August 2021.

Throughout my career in California, I also helped launch numerous Marriage Programs at local churches, training pastors, marriage mentor couples, and mental health professionals who were looking for help learning to work more effectively with couples.

Now living in Central Texas, I am dedicated to teaching YOU what I've learned and taught about life and love.

EDUCATION & TEACHING EXPERIENCE (if you’re interested) … I earned my Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology at MidAmerica Nazarene University, and my Master of Arts (MA) and Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degrees at Biola University. I also taught at both universities plus Azusa Pacific University (2002-2010).

DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace a professional evaluation or treatment for emotional and relational concerns. If you are experiencing severe distress or believe you may be a victim of domestic violence, please contact a licensed mental health professional for assistance. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.